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Book »IT-Architektur | Grundlagen, Konzepte und Umsetzung«

The book »IT-Architektur | Grundlagen, Konzepte und Umsetzung« (second edition) explains what IT architecture is, starting from a business objective. A field-tested model of IT architecture is discussed using reference architectures. This book is available as a print book. It comprises 648 pages and contains 78 illustrations. The book can be ordered at epubli. The book is published only in German.

IT architecture book cover

Dr Tomas Hruz, scientist at ETH Zurich and IT architect at Nebion AG

»A complex network of people, computers and fragments of knowledge – that is the IT support of a modern company. How to control their architecture, aiming for maximum efficiency, is the subject of this book, written by two very experienced IT architects and managers. What a fascinating subject..."

Clemens Szyperski, Software Architect, Microsoft, USA

»Today, the IT architecture is one of the heart of every company and yet, all too often, it is also a problem child. The demands on modern IT architects are diverse; the image of the 'jack of all trades' easily comes to mind. With a healthy mix of fundamental screening and practical instructions, this book shows that there is also a more systematic way.«

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