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Classic and agile Project Management

We were able to successfully demonstrate our project management expertise in digitization projects of various sizes (project budgets from 0.2 to CHF 30 million) for life and accident insurance, banks, financial service providers, fiduciary and administrative services (staff leasing), authorities and SMEs.

We help you with the initialization (RfI, RfP) of your projects and plans, with the determination of the procedure methodology and take over the management of your business and IT projects or corresponding agile roles (product owner, scrum master). If necessary, we evaluate external partners for you, support you in contract negotiations and take over the elaboration of the content of work contracts for you.

Our many years of practical experience in program management (including projects with several Scrum teams) on the business and IT side for the implementation of strategic goals as well as in project management for the development and integration of new business applications, migrations and procurement of new products, we can offer our customers a holistic and professional service in the execution of their projects. Our many years of experience in managing software development departments at several companies with different organizational and management philosophies complete our service offering. Our certifications in Agile Project Management, SCRUM, PMP and PRINCE 2 are an expression of our diverse experience.

The figure below shows a generic procedural model for agile project processing, which has been successfully used several times with customers, taking into account their situation and framework conditions in an adapted form and content.

Agile project approach
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